For many people, the adventure in the Paiva River starts here. Still in the place of Canelas, near the Alvarenga bridge, the access arises without notice. And it is like we were going down the mountain until the margin. Here, the rocks accumulate heat and help the clean Paiva waters to flow at 20 degrees. Serving as a support to the area, which counts with the presence of lifeguards, there’s an infrastructure with WC, a bar and a terrace. However, it is the landscape, the clarity and the temperature of the water, as well as the start of the adventure sports that make this place unique.

Close to this place, we suggest you to visit:

:: Paiva Walkways

:: Alvarenga Bridge (18th century)

:: Canelas village

:: Paradinha village («Portugal Village» – Alvarenga)

:: Vau bathing area (Canelas)

:: Geological Interpretative Centre of Canelas (Trilobites Museum)

:: Row of Mills (Alvarenga)

:: PR1 - «Caminhos do Montemuro» (Montemuro Paths) (Pedestrian Trail – Alvarenga)

:: Gastronomy (Alvarenga’s steak)

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Useful information

Aveiro, Arouca, Canelas
  • Latitude 40.952632
  • Longitude -8.177149