Small Route

Drave is the real «magic village», and the only way to get there is, precisely, through this path. Apparently lost in the mountain, without inhabitants, crossed by the Palhais stream, everything here is close to the pure and untouchable state. The path starts in Regoufe, whose stories you will want to unravel.

Altitude: Regoufe Mines (670 m)> Regoufe (600 m)> Belide Bush (720 m)> Drave (600 m)

Advised season: All the year

Geosites: G22 – Poça da Cadela Mine Complex (Regoufe)

Other points of interest: Regoufe and Drave villages, “Solar dos Martins” and Ribeira de Palhais

  • Starting point:Chapel of Regoufe
  • End point:Drave
  • Distance:4.00 km
  • Degree difficulty:Baixo
  • Duration:3.00 h
  • Maximum altitude:720 m
  • Minimum altitude:600 m