Paiva Walkways

Passadiços do Paiva

A course of eight kilometers of nature in its pure state begins here. A journey through biology, geology, and through the history of life on the planet, written in the landscape. Paiva River flows in a musical way beside us, increasing its flow in the winter period, thus offering the adrenaline of its white waters for the adventurous of rafting and kayak. By its margin, the journey begins in the bathing areas of Areinho or/and Espiunca, and at the halfway point, we are welcomed with the small paradise of the Vau leisure area. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

Project co-founded by «ON2 – O Novo Norte», in the scope of QREN and European Regional Development Fund.


  • G.36 - Paiva Gorge; 
  • G.35 - Aguieiras Waterfall; 
  • G.30 - Vau site
  • G.31 - Gola do Salto site
  • G.32 -  Espiunca Fault


Loja Interativa de Turismo de Arouca 

Rua Abel Botelho, n.º 4 | 4540-114 Arouca 

Téléphone: +351 256 940 258 



  • Starting point:Espiunca [40°59'34.67"N 8°12'41.19"W] / Areínho [40°57'9.68"N 8°10'33]
  • End point:Espiunca [40°59'34.67"N 8°12'41.19"W] / Areínho [40°57'9.68"N 8°10'33]
  • Distance:8.30 km
  • Degree difficulty:Alto
  • Duration:3.00 h
  • Maximum altitude:295 m
  • Minimum altitude:95 m