Arieiro House

“Casa de Arieiro” - property that dates from 1896 - it’s insert in the vast territory of Arouca’s GeoPark and it’s located in Lugar do Arieiro, Santa Eulália, Arouca. About 45km from Porto, the famous Portuguese city, and it’s local Airport, Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

A secular house with a perfect blend of history, culture and nature. 

Surrounded by magnificent views such as the well known “Senhora da Mó” and the famous “Serra da Freita” and confronted by cultivate fields and vine.

Arouca is filled with activities, from the immense pedestrian routes around Arouca’s Geopark suitable for all levels of physical preparation; the radical sports that await you at Rio Paiva (Paiva’s River) like: rafting, kayak, canyoning and climbing, to name a few.

To visit there is also the historical center where lives the famous “Convento de Arouca” (Arouca’s Convent) and it’s rich “Museu de Arte Sacra” (Holy Art Museum). As far as the local gastronomy is concerned you won’t be less than surprised by it’s rich variety.

Here the offers abound and the typical Portuguese hospitality most certainly lives.

For all these reasons it’s the perfect place to relax and take advantage of all that Arouca has to offer.

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Useful information

Areeiro, Santa Eulália, 4540-515, Arouca
Aveiro, Arouca, Areeiro
+351 912 373 642
  • Latitude 40.928661
  • Longitude -8.276181