Gralheira d´Água Roman Mine

Popularly known as Poço dos Mouros (similar to many other congenial sites), this rocky shale-quartizitic hill, in private property, holds a deep NNO-SSE orientation cut, having about 40 meters long and 10 meters deep .It is, in fact, the gallery of access to an old mine.  

In the proximity, people found rotating granite mill stones and, in the interior, there is tradition of having discovered a lucerne (roman element for ilumination).

Along with these findings and the stories that surround it, the nature of the exploration and the technology of dismantling, allow us to situate this archaeosite in Roman period, speculating that its activity was related to the gold extraction.

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Useful information

Canelas, 4540-251, Arouca
Aveiro, Arouca, Canelas
  • Latitude 40.968274
  • Longitude -8.221253