Prehistoric Grave of Monte Calvo 2

These monuments, popularly called "mamoas", are characterized by an artificial mound of circular plant built of earth and small stones, whose function would be to cover the funerary structures in order to isolate and to support the grave, although, it is also admitted the function of ritualizing the monument by increasing its volume and its visibility.


In the case of this tomb, implanted in place of Monte Calvo and very close to other similar monuments, we observe a prehistoric burial of Megalithic tradition, dating from the Bronze Age, wich has about twelve meters in diameter. The archaeological intervention revealed a tumulus covered by a lithic "carapace", where the white of the quartz stands out, while in the center a sepulcher appeared in a pit, covered by a large granite slab.

The archaeological remains are summarized in some ceramic fragments, belonging to a fairing cup, a quartzite pebble and, similarly to that occurred in Mamoa 1 of Monte Calvo, a nodule of "Birthing Stone", placed intentionally in the base of the monument, whose symbolism is unknown.

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Useful information

Lugar de Monte Calvo - Albergaria da Serra, 4540, Arouca
Aveiro, Arouca, Albergaria da Serra
  • Latitude 40.8504194444
  • Longitude -8.26688888889