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Description: When young, the cap is convex, and when adult, is plane, usually depressed in the center. It presents a egg yolk yellow, yellow white or yellow orange color. The inferior surface of the cap is composed by folds that group together, narrow, decurrent, bifurcated, similar to the very decurrent blades, with the same color as the cap.

Habitat: Wood of broadleaves and adult pine woods with shrubby and herbaceous vegetation.

Stalk: 2-8 cm height; 0.5-3 cm diameter Cap: 2-12 cm diameter.

Fruiting season: Spring and autumn.

Gastronomic value: Very good to excellent.

Where to find in the Arouca Geopark: Ameixieira (PR4), Adaúfe (PR3), Bustelo (PR3), Fuste (PR3), Granja (PR4).