Fly agaric

Fly agaric 

© Avelino Vieira

Description: Egg-shaped cap, when young, and convex or plane when mature. Its color varies between scarlet red and orange red. It is usually sprinkled by numerous warts or white excrescences that, sometimes, are arranged in concentric circles. The basal part of the stalk is thicker and forms a bulb.

Habitat: All types of woods, although it is more frequent under conifers.

Stalk: 10-20 cm height; 1-2 cm diameter Cap: 8-24 cm diameter.

Fruiting season: Spring and autumn.

Gastronomic value: Inedible. Toxic.

Where to find in the Arouca Geopark: Ameixieira (PR4), Adaúfe (PR3), Bustelo (PR3), Espinheiro (PR3), Forcada (PR4), Fuste (PR3), Granja (PR4).