Parasol mushroom

Parasol mushroom

© Avelino Vieira

Description: Annual and gregarious fruitifications, sometimes forming witch rings. The cap is ovoid in an initial phase, becoming convex and plane later. The stalk is cylindrical, hollow, fibrous and bulbous in the base. The ring is movable throughout the stalk, membranous with fridge edge, white in the superior part and brown in the inferior part. The meat is white, slightly pink when cut. It presents a pleasant aroma and a nutty taste.

Stalk: 10-40 cm Cap 10-25 cm

Habitat: It appears in acid soils, in the glades and edges of broadleaves populations and softwoods in agricultural fields or meadows.

Fruiting season: Spring and autumn.

Gastronomic value: Good edible

Where to find in the Arouca Geopark: Ameixieira (PR4), Adaúfe (PR3), Bustelo (PR3), Chão de Espinho (PR4), Espinheiro (PR3), Forcada (PR4), Fuste (PR3), Granja (PR4).