Paiva River

The different levels of altitude between narrow throats and rocks make the Paiva one of the best rivers for the practice of activities in the white waters during the winter, such as rafting, kayaking, hydrospeeding and canoeing. It is considered by the experts one of the best courses of white waters in the country and it is an international reference. The Paiva Fest and the FIAB (International festival of white waters) happen here.

In the summer, the crystal waters invite us to relax in the bathing areas of Areinho, Paradinha, Vau, Espiunca, Janarde and Meitriz. Throughout its course, it is possible to find some of the geosites of significant relevance, such as the Aguieiras waterfall – waterfall of the stream with the same name that, after going through Alvarenga, falls down over the granitic cliffs surrounding the Paiva river – the Gola do Salto, place in the Paiva riverbed characterized by an altitude difference of about four meters, which is very appreciated by the rafting athletes, that classify this passage as of very difficult, and the Garganta do Paiva, located near the Alvarenga’s bridge, placed in a strategic point, according to the river geology, as the river flows in a more narrowed space due to the existence of a great hardness rock.

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