S1: “From Mizarela to Pedras Parideiras”

2019/2020 | Saídas de Campo

Summary: In the Freita Mountain, the granite and schist rocks embrace the landscape, where the natural beauty and the mountainous rural atmosphere stand out. When visiting the Frecha da Mizarela viewpoint, from where you can see the biggest waterfall located in mainland Portugal, and the Mizarela lithological contact, it is possible to observe the behavior of these types of rocks in what concerns to the erosion and consequent formation of the waterfall of the Caima river. This filed trip includes a visit to the Campo de Dobras da Castanheira and the Pedras Parideiras House – Interpretation Center, where we’ll provide you an explanation about the history of Earth and, in particular, its deep transformation undergone by the end of the Paleozoic Era.

Region | Starting / arrival point: Freita Mountain | Frecha da Mizarela / Castanheira village – Pedras Parideiras.

Length / Level of difficulty / Duration: 500 m / easy / 3h00

Points of interest: Geosites: Frecha da Mizarela (G6), Mizarela lithological contact (G5), Campo de Dobras da Castanheira (G8) and Pedras Parideiras (G7)/ Pedras Parideiras House, Mizarela and Castanheira villages.

Price (per student): 4 Euros (free for accompanying teachers)

Promoter / Reservation: AGA – Associação Geoparque Arouca; The reservations are made through the following form, that must be filled in and submitted 15 working days prior to the event. For further information, please contact us at 256 940 254 or geral@aroucageopark.pt.

Notes: For each program, it is allowed a maximum of 50 students and a minimum of 15, per tutor. If you have a superior or inferior number of students, please contact us. The bus of the group will transport you from Mizarela to Castanheira village, and it will stop in the geosite of Campo de Dobras da Castanheira (G8). The visits to the Pedras Parideiras House – Interpretation Center are done in groups of 30 participants.