S5: “Freita Mountain: a look at the weather and the geomorphological dynamics”

2019/2020 | Saídas de Campo

Summary: From the viewpoints of Detrelo da Malhada, Frecha da Mizarela (biggest waterfall in mainland Portugal) and Arouca Weather Radar (AWR), it is possible to know and understand the geomorphological evolution of the Freita Mountain. Also, from the panoramic floor of the AWR, it is possible to see the technical part of the data collection used for the weather forecasts and warnings of the Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA). With good visibility, the AWR allows you to observe the mountainous villages of Freita, the Oporto city, the coastline between Oporto and Aveiro, and the Caramulo, Estrela and Montemuro mountains. This trip also includes a short pedestrian trail that will allow you to visit the geosites of Frecha da Mizarela, Mizarela lithological contact and Giant’s kettles in the Caima river.

Region | Starting / arrival point: Freita Mountain | Detrelo da Malhada – Arouca Weather Radar

Length / Level of difficulty / Duration: 1000 m / easy / 3h00

Points of interest: Geosites: Detrelo da Malhada Panoramic (G1), Frecha da Mizarela (G6), Mizarela lithological contact (G5), Giant’s Kettles in the Caima river (G4), Costa da Castanheira Panoramic (G10) / Panoramic floor of the AWR.

Price (per student): 4 Euros (free for accompanying teachers)

Promoter / Reservation: AGA – Associação Geoparque Arouca; The reservations are made through the following form, that must be filled in and submitted 15 working days prior to the event. For further information, please contact us at 256 940 254 or geral@aroucageopark.pt .

Notes: For each program, it is allowed a maximum of 50 students and a minimum of 15, per tutor. If you have a superior or inferior number of participants, please contact us. The pedestrian trail is done between the Frecha da Mizarela viewpoint and the giant’s kettles over the valley of the Caima river. The access to the AWR is done by a non-paved road, accessible by bus. The pedestrian trail is done between the Frecha da Mizarela viewpoint and the bridge over the Caima river.