S12 - Paiva Walkways - Discovery Route

None | Saídas de Campo no Arouca Geopark

Synopsis: The Paiva Walkways run through an area of ​​special natural value. It integrates 5 of the Arouca Geopark geosites and cross the Natura 2000 Community Interest Site – Paiva River. Walking in «Paiva Walkways» is having the possibility of traveling through geological time, crossing metasedimentary rocks, with least 550 million years old, granitic rocks with, approximately, 300 million years old and it is also possible to understand some of the processes that currently shape this landscape. Discover the plant species of the riparian gallery, as well as other species of this ecosystem that contributes to its diversity. Along the walkways there are nine biospots (information panels) that identify the most abundant species of insects and plants, but also challenge visitors to actively participate in the inventory of the biological richness of this area, through the insertion and sharing of observations in the biodiversity4all platform.

Walkways route covered: Linear route between Areinho and Espiunca (the entire route of the Paiva Walkways).

Extension / Degree of difficulty / Duration: 8 km / Difficult / 5:00 (depending on the group).

Points of interest: Paiva Gorge Geosite (G36); Aguieiras Waterfall (G35); Vau Geosite (G30), Gola do Salto Geosite (G31) and Espiunca Fault (G32); Paiva Walkways Biospots; «Rapid of 3 jumps»; «Rapid of the Stairs»; «Wall Rapid».

Price (per student): 10.00 Euros (free for accompanying teachers). Includes entrance ticket in the Paiva Walkways.

Promoter / Reservations: AGA – Arouca Geopark Association; Reservations by completing and submitting the form below, 15 working days in advance. For more information, please contact geral@aroucageopark.pt (preferred) or 256 940 254.


  • This program does not include a visit to «516 Arouca» bridge. If you wish to include a visit to this infrastructure, you should contact the services, in order to be given the respective budget; 
  • The visit should start at 10:30 am; In the event of delays by the group, the route taken will be adapted in order to meet the end of the visit time; 
  • If the weather forecast is rain or other adverse weather conditions, red alert or another event that decrees the closure of the Paiva Walkways, the activity date will have to be changed, subject to availability of services; 
  • Payment for the visit must be made by bank transfer, prior to the visit. If the visit includes 516 Arouca, the form of payment may have to be different, so it will be indicated at the time of booking; 
  • Participants must bring (i) clothing and footwear, suitable for walking and in accordance with the forecasted weather conditions; (ii) water and energy bars; (iii) camera;
  • It is advisable to carry out this program, from March, to observe a greater number of flora species; We suggest that participants install the «iNaturalist» app on their mobile phone in advance, in order to submit the fauna and flora observations that they make during the visit, from a perspective of citizen science; 
  • For each program, per monitor, a maximum of 30 students and a minimum of 20 are admitted. However, due to COVID-19, this visit will comply with the rules governing the limit of crowds on public roads in force (national and/or of the municipality of Arouca). 
  •  It is not possible to carry out the activity for people with vertigo and reduced or restricted mobility; Program subject to availability of the Paiva Walkways; AGA reserves the right to change the price of the activity whenever there are changes in the price of admission tickets to the infrastructure.