Desporto Aventura

Exploring closely the cascades and watercourses, passing through natural pools, toboggans, uneven terrain and waterfalls. This is what canyoning has to offer, with the help of proper equipment and refined techniques (swimming, jumping, sliding and rappelling – use of ropes). 

The Arouca Geopark provides nine canyoning tracks, distributed in the rivers of:

:: Caima [3-4 hours]

::Frades [4-6 hours, superior, and 1-2 hours, inferior]

:: Pequeno [3-4 hours] and the streams of Castanheira [4-5 hours]

:: Côto do Boi [1-2 hours], Pena Amarela [3-4 hours, superior, and 2-3 hours, inferior] 

:: Aguieiras [2-3 hours].